Dungeons & Dragons: Onslaught Expansion – Harpers

The Dungeons & Dragons: Onslaught Expansion – Harpers 1 expands your tactical options with four exciting new characters to add to your games! Ayur, the Aarakocra Monk utilizes mobility to take on multiple opponents while Adnan Zarehm the Fire Genasi Cleric brings light down to burn foes and bolster allies. Eileen Rumrunner the Halfling Sorcerer can win big when gambling on her Wild Magic, and Nurith the Locathah Rogue is a master of the ambush!

Expansion Packs are a perfect way to expand your collection with exciting new characters that ensure you have the right tools for any scenario or opponent you may face. This product adds four new character options to the Harpers faction.

4 highly-detailed, pre-painted miniatures
4 Combat Dial Cards
8 Level Up Cards
gameplay tokens
rules shee

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